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Enough · of · the · Bettie · Pages...

Let's see some Josephine Bakers, Billie Holidays, and Lena Hornes!

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This thing is AWESOME because it avoids all the "First!" and nonsensical comments paired with done-to-death song lyrics popping up in ohnotheydidnt. Even without that, it manages to be hilarious.

cadeathrock-Because I said so.

Thandie, you do NOT let Angelina Jolie play a black woman, even with It's annoying enough to read about girls who would go gay for her, I don't need to see this.
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indescribable Just staying alive
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Strawberry Switchblade-Who Knows What Love Is?
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Haven't been writing because Housing put me under a shitload of stress and I need to work so I can get back in. I haven't had a chance to really catch up either because frankly, I'm enjoying having a life outside of this and I honestly needed to slow down. 15 units will damn near kill you and if I had to hear another report of classes getting cut, I was gonna be sick.

And there honestly hasn't been much to say either. Every thought I've tried to save has gone by too quickly to catch and everything else sounds pointless and more shallow than usual, but that's my own fault for comparing myself to you guys.

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moody moody
Soundtrack to My Life::
That '70s Show-Dine and Dash
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May Lucifer shed his grace on theeeeeee.

Happy 06/06/06, muthafuckers. Such beautiful weather outside a San Diego Library, with lovely dark clouds and the possiblity of rain coming after a few miserably hot days since summer's not totally here yet.

And nothing says Happy Satan Day like my oldest nephew telling me he may have gotten his girlfriend pregnant. *shakes head*

And now the birthday list, because I'm an airhead whose timing is getting worse with age.

trioxin_grave-Two days later and it'd be a momentuous occasion today!
shoe5005-I miss Clarence too
shan_c_koneko-Glad to see you're still there
amyrose-You lot have the same birthday.
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okay Strange days indeed...
Soundtrack to My Life::
Adam Ant-Big Big Man (Razor Keen demo)
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I'm so sad that I forgot to do this, school calls and it must be answered like an oddly ringing pay phone in the middle of nowhere.


Finals are more finished than That 70's Show three seasons back and the easiest to hardest were History, Sociology, Theater, and Anthropology.

Tomorrow, I might go to Burial in Pomona but right now, sweet sake and Hawaiian Punch call my name...
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mischievous mischievous
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Bow Wow Wow-Cowboy
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Pictures are either more broken than the spirit of a war vet or I can't even get into the FLs.

Anyone having this problem?

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proudly brought to you by jesus_h_biscuit

Can I get a Wonder Showzen style high five here?

And I MIGHT go to Funeral in Pomona tonight, I'll see if Jack wants to hit the place up too. Now to get a tie and MAC makeup.

As to the music, this was playing before I was reading the above piece. No joke.

Say hello to monkeyhitman, the_floodlands, singsomelyrical. NOW.
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ecstatic ecstatic
Soundtrack to My Life::
RuPaul-Back to My Roots
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I should be getting the following for my birfday:
My own turntable
Posters of Bauhaus, Siouxsie, English Beat, and 45 Grave
A new lunchbox
Nearly everything the above artists/groups and others have in Amoeba
A day at the thrift stores to myself
Some nice 20 eyed Docs/steel toed combats
A nice purple/gray tinted birfday cake shaped like Siouxsie or a bat
Damn fine sweet sake
A nice catering pan of chicken katsu
Some proper makeup (Kits, brushes, how to put the shit on right, and all)
A new umbrella/parasol
Friends who will help ring it in proper

But instead, I'm getting a pass or fail on our inspection, a trip to a museum with Jack (the new friend I mentioned), a call from Mum giving me birfday wishes, my hands smelling like counter cleaner and bleach because my roommates either had work or were too damn lazy to finish what they had.

For those turning 21, here's to hoping y'all have better luck than I am right now.
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listless listless
Soundtrack to My Life::
Culture Club-The War Song (Hahahaha!)
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Seriously, I am hitting 21 and have never been more excited and nervous all at once. Sorry for not updating because thoughts have been more harder to gather than usual and there's been a ton of stuff to ruminate upon.

But if everyone's so keen on getting older, why in the Hell can't I get an instant, biological maturity boost?!

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giddy giddy
Soundtrack to My Life::
The Simpsons-Do the Bartman
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Fuck, when will I ever get the time for a real update?!
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amused amused
Soundtrack to My Life::
The Ramones-Rockaway Beach
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